Cartoonized profile pic of A Drake

Angela Drake

Graphic 3

    The objective of this assignment is to create a logo in different sizes and in different levels of quality. I decided to create a logo that incoporates both the Berlin Sans FB font and my black and white profile picture from my "Drakeflock" website header.

    To achieve this logo, I used Gimp, a free photo editing program. First, I cropped out the glasses from the profile picture above, enlarged the picture, printed it, and filled in the black portions with a black Sharpie marker. Then I took a picture with my computer's camera, and used the mask tool to erase the white around the background. Then I fine-tuned the edges of the drawing to limit the pixlation for quality printing. Then I used the text tool to add the website name on another layer of the picture. I changed the color to red to make the name of the website more visible.

    For the 3D version, I mapped the objects and changed the orientation of the z-axis. I then duplicated the bottom layers, stretching the shadow. I then merged those layers, ultimately lightening the color of the shadow.

Printable version 300 ppi (color)
Printable version 300 ppi (Greyscale)
Printable version 300 ppi (B/W)
Drakeflock 300 ppi color
Drakeflock 300 ppi greyscale
Drakeflock 300 ppi bw
Website version 150 ppi (color)
Website version 150 ppi (Greyscale)
Website version 150 ppi (B/W)
Drakeflock 150 ppi color
Drakeflock 150 ppi greycale
Drakeflock 150 ppi bw
3-D Version

3D version of logo