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Angela Drake

722 ID Project
    In the course EDET 722: Instructional Design and Assessment, students created an interactive learning module that addressed the specific needs of a target group of learners. In Lisons Mieux, my learning module, learners will learn strategies to increase their literacy skills, negotiating a foreign language using their background knowledge of English and context clues from the text. This module originally took the form of a self-guided powerpoint presentation that included practice questions, instruction, and a post test.

     In EDET 703: Design and Development Tools II, students were tasked at restructuring the training in the form of a web-based training module, sacrificing none of the interactivity. I hope this final product at a minimum is an adequate representation of the module; Perhaps it might be an even better representation of it. You can find online version of the Lisons Mieux learning module at the following URL:

    You can view an online copy of the Powerpoint via Google Slides here. Be advised that the audio, the pre-test links, and navigation tools will not function in Google slides as they would in the orginal Powerpoint. For full functionality of the Powerpoint presentation, download it by clicking here.