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AETC Standard 1

Content Knowledge

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Candidates demonstrate the knowledge necessary to create, use, assess,
and manage theoretical and practical applications of educational
technologies and processes.

EDET 650- Internship in Educational Technology, Fall 2019 with Dr. Erin Besser


EDET 650 is a service-learning course where students put their learning into real-world applications. In this course, I followed the Morrison, Ross, and Kemp ADDIE model to conduct a needs assessment and develop relevant training to serve the needs of my client. I was an intern at Aiken Unitarian Universalist Church where members and friends indicated that they were not getting adequate announcements about congregational events.
My assignment at the conclusion of EDET 650 was to create a video that highlights the needs assessment process and reveals the deliverables from the internship. In this video, I demonstrate how I created the relevant instruction for church leadership and housed it in a Google Site for my client. I was also able to select appropriate tools to facilitate communication and encourage collaboration across among church leadership team members. Finally, I show how Google Suite can serve as a tool to manage a new communication system within a congregation. I was able to apply my Google Certification theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting.


As I state in the video, I was able to recognize that the skills that I have acquired throughout this Masters Program are not common knowledge. While I have become adept using cloud and collaborative computing, not all clients are aware of the benefits of these tools. I was able to fully employ the Kemp model to use inquiry, research, analysis, and synthesis to devise solutions for performance gaps. Taking the time to survey, interview, and listen to leaders and members of the congregation at large, I was more capable of identifying the requisite tools to address communication problems in the church.
I began the internship concerned that I didn't know enough about professional publishing technology to help my client, but I discovered soon enough that finding the source of the problem was more critical than knowing the technology. By learning exactly where their issue lied, I was able to research the correct tool to meet their needs.

Internship Final Report video
Internship proposal website

  Angela Drake | Educational Technology Portfolio | University of South Carolina Aiken | Spring 2020