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Candidates develop as reflective practitioners able to demonstrate effective implementation of educational technologies and processes based on contemporary content and pedagogy.

EDET 722- Design and Evaluation of Information Access and Delivery, Summer 2018 with Dr. Erin Besser


In this course, I learned about distance learning and how to best develop an online course, complete with a syllabus, rubrics and five learning modules. Each learning module were comprised of an Overview, Learning Objectives, Lesson Materials and Instruction, Learning Activities, Evaluation Activities.  I developed a comprehensive and operable syllabus. This was where I stated course expectations, created policies and procedures, and developed my grading scale and rubrics. In this way, I was able to refer students to the expectations and policies in the syllabus instead reiterating them in each assignment in each module.


I really enjoyed this course and was glad to have taken it in the summer when I was not teaching full time. I dove deep into developing course details. This was a great opportunity to integrate Universal Design for Learning that I researched in EDET 735. I crafted a selection of real-world task that offered choice to my learners all within the Course Sites/Blackboard Learning Management System.

Before this course, it never occurred to me how much work it was to create a full course that was outlined in advance of it being administered. After all of the policies and expectations were established, I was able to sink my teeth into the fun part: designing learning activities that asked the learner to actively use the skills presented in the lesson. As a French teacher, I was able to move beyond simple vocabulary recall and practice drills: Instead, I assessed and evaluated student mastery through recorded performances.

I am proud of the deliverables from this course, because I accommodated learner diversity, and I used novel tools for students to submit evidence of their learning. When I finished the course, if felt so satisfying to see all of the learning activities that I would then be able to offer to the subsequent year's French classes.

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  Angela Drake | Educational Technology Portfolio | University of South Carolina Aiken | Spring 2020